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AFX Audio Visual Services Limited, Unit A Churchill Industrial Estate, Churchill Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7FD

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Some other important information:

Video tape to video tape transfers (including foreign conversions)

The physical shape of VHS, Video 8, Mini-DV etc. Are the same around the world but the tape speed and recording signals on the tape are different.  PAL is the system we use here in the UK, most of Europe and all commonwealth countries.  NTSC is used in America and Japan. SECAM is used in France. It is therefore very important that the details of the country and format are established prior to undertaking the order. Note: copyright material will require permission in writing from the copyright holder. All footage on a videotape is copied unless we are instructed otherwise.

Additional Options

Both of these suggestions will pleasantly enhance the overall production.

Transfers to Playback DVD

Please be aware that the format is known as DVD-R and a few older DVD players and computer drives (pre 2003/04) may not play the discs. To find out whether your machine will play these discs you will need to check your manual or consult the dealer where you purchased the machine.  We cannot consider refunds or be held responsible if the discs will not play in your machine. If you are about to purchase a DVD player, do make sure it is capable of playing DVD-R discs. Please be aware that once the disc is completed and finalised no additional material can be added. If your DVD’s are to be played in the USA please specify this when placing your order.

Transfers to Computer File

Videotapes, Camcorder tapes, DVDs and Cine Films can all be transferred to editable computer files. With the appropriate software you can edit, add special effects, captions and music, create your own DVDs with menu pages and chapter buttons, upload onto website, email or even print off single frames.  If you are unsure of the file format that you need tell us which programme you will be using and whether you are using an Apple Mac or PC and we can supply you with the correct format.

Audio Reels (reel to reel) to CD, Cassette or Min disc

If you have not listened to your recordings in recent years we must warn you that the sound quality may have deteriorated. An £8.00 handling charge will be made should we find all the reels (or reel) totally blank. Copyright free personal recordings only please.