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AFX Audio Visual Services Limited, Unit A Churchill Industrial Estate, Churchill Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7FD

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These DVD’s are for playback on DVD-R compatible players.  Your DVD’s will contain regular chapter points throughout.

For DVD’s that you would like to edit, please refer to the Video to Editable Computer File page.

Video Tape & Camcorder Tapes to Playback DVD

Video tape repair………..  £15.00 per tape

Note: We do not recommend the use of spliced videotape as it could cause damage to your machine.  It is advisable to have your tape transferred.

Tape Repairs



FROM:  All Video Formats

Minimum Charge £20.00

         First hour of order............£20.00 - Additional hours…........£8.00 per hour


Additional copies:  £5.00 per disc used, if ordered with original order

     Foreign Conversions:  For transfers between the USA and he UK formats,

     add £10.00 to your order.

          Note:  When more than one item is transferred to a single DVD, a

Charge of £3.00  is made for each join.  For projects needed in order

 the tapes, not cases, must be numbered.